Our services start at the moment when a developer is interested in installing an activity in a particular establishment or building, advising and coordinating both projects design and decoration, as the feasibility of obtaining the various permits and licenses necessary for the proper functioning of the activity in question. Our competence covers all kind of activities.

- Advise prior to any preliminary study.

- Study the impact of urban planning and uses.

- Participate in the preparation of the Basic Project.

- We support the teams of interior design, architecture, installations, sound ...




AB2 provides technical advice to various professionals (real estate owners, government offices and engineering, interior design and architecture) of the decision prior to the acquisition of a future activity or investment property, providing crucial technical information and/or notice. During the phase of project implementation and provides technical advice to ensure, once the reform, obtaining the business license..


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Strive to be a leader in the world of engineering and offer a close relationship with our clients